Unique natural landscape

Guided horse treks through Tenerife

Hotel situated in unique and unequalled environment
SERVICE HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00 to 14.00 hours.

30 minutes horse ride.

This is the best option to explore horseback riding for the first time, perfect to have first contact with our friend the horse. You will be able to discover Tenerife´s particular nature in a different way. Ideal for kids from the age of 5 years

Price of the activity: 20

1 hour horse riding

This is adequate for kids with some riding experience and adults that would like to start riding. We offer different routes, adapted to client´s riding level. Those routes set off different areas from Santiago del Teide.

Price of the activity: 40

2 hour horse riding

This is a route recommended for persons with basic riding experience. Going through typical Canarian flora, Almonds, Broom and other endemic species of the area. As well as visit the lava flow of Chinyero Volcano. We offer several routes adapted to different group levels.

Price of the activity: 60

3 hour horse riding

This ride goes through one of the best routes you can find in Tenerife, you will discover Canary flora, and we will go into a nearest area to Chinyero Volcano, getting to see some of its craters. Another of our routes, visits an area of Canary Pine forest, a natural space which represented sustenance for many canary families during several decades.

Price of the activity: 80


To enjoy any of the routes we recommend to wear comfortable clothes that allow free movements and flat shoes.