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TThe Hotel is located in the city of Santiago del Teide, in the northwest part of the island of Tenerife and more than 900 m above sea level.

Enjoy a quiet location and be surrounded by the best scenery on the island. On the other hand, the environment is ideal to go for a walk or ride a horse, for example, and enjoy the abundant native flora and volcanic area, which is full of surprises.

Santiago del Teide combines in a few kilometers an impressive number of natural sites of great beauty. On the one hand, its 3,768 meters of “altitude” range from spectacular underwater areas 50 meters below sea level, to the summits of Teide. It is also the highest peak in Spain with 3,718 meters and one of the most beautiful volcanoes of the world declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In the same way, all this results in a variety of incomparable climates and panoramas: from vast mountainous landscapes, imposing marine cliffs, breathtaking volcanoes, quiet sandy beaches and unique sea beds for their rich flora and fauna. Therefore, all this makes it a unique landscape.

The bright black of the lava, the intense blue of the sea, the green of its varied vegetation, therefore, all form a multicolored painting whose charm is difficult to escape. Above all, it should be noted the mild climate, with stable temperatures throughout the year, because it completes the benefits of this place.

Thanks to the initiatives of this municipality for the conservation and protection of the environment and cultural traditions, Santiago del Teide offers the visitor a rich and careful natural environment.

For its complete infrastructure, in addition to its low-rise buildings and large green spaces, and the extensive range of leisure and outdoor activities, as a result, have made Santiago del Teide one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors they go to the island of Tenerife.