Cycling Holidays


As a Bikefriendly accommodation we are an establishment 100% prepared for the care of the cyclist in every way, we offer the customer two wheels:

  • BIKEZONE: Room equipped to store, repair and clean the bicycle. We also have lockers and sofas where you can prepare and map your daily route.

  • SPORTS DIET: We are aware of your physical effort and we want to offer you a personalization of your diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins for your entire stay.

  • CYCLING PICNIC: We redesign your picnic so that wherever you are you can be nourished with the best foods designed for your physical effort.

  • SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPIST: To relax the muscles after a great climb there is nothing better than relaxing in the room with a treatment to be at 100% the next day.

  • ROUTES ADVISORY: Because there are incredible places to visit, we help you get to those places.

  • GYM: We offer our gym with all the facilities of cardio and muscle building.

  • SPA: There is nothing better than after a workout than relaxing in our Spa so we want to give you the opportunity to enjoy it.

  • PRO TRAINING COACH: If you like adventures we propose a training with a professional coach of elite teams.

  • BIOMECHANICAL STUDY: Service – study of the bicycle to train 100%.

  • CYCLING SHOP: We have a store with customized jerseys and shorts where you can buy our kit of #LaCasonaEs_Sport.

  • MAGAZINES: We keep you informed with the best magazines about cycling as well as follow-up of stages like the return to Spain or the tour of France on TV.