Visit Santiago del Teide


Visit Santiago del Teide

La Casona del patio, Things to Do in Tenerife

Santiago del Teide is a municipality in south-west Tenerife in Canary Islands, with a difference in altitude of 930 m (3051 ft). The area of the municipality is 52.21 km²

Places of interest:

The Cliffs of “Los Gigantes”

These huge cliffs in Santiago del Teide are part of Teno County Park and tower up to 600 m (1,970 ft) high, plummeting straight down into the sea to create a sight that is dizzying to behold, even from below. You can do several hiking routes to discover them, visit its scenic viewpoints or gaze at them from the sea by boat or kayaking tours.

Acantilado de los gigantes

La Casona del patio

This stately home was built in the second half of the 17th century, nowadays holds Restaurant “La Casa Vieja”, opened to general public, and keeps the old wine cellar and ancient kitchen, for any visitor who wants to introduce himself in Canarian culture. You can also see the traditional wine presses, located outdoors, while you enjoy gourmet wood fired oven cuisine.

museo restaurante Santiago del teide

The pottery center and ethnography museum of Cha Domitila

Located in the village of Arguayo, there is a house which contains the pottery center and museum. The house features traditional Canarian architecture with a central patio and a fountain. Visitors will discover the traditional technique used to work the clay and will see some of the most typical pieces of pottery.

Resultado de imagen de Centro alfarero y museo etnográfico Cha Domitila

Chinyero Special Nature Reserve

Prepare to discover an area of 24 square kilometers (6,000 acres). Here you will get to see recent lava flows creating a unique insight into the Canary Islands’ volcanic history. Don’t miss the chance to see the area’s incredible aerolian habitats (with strong winds and high salt content), where the species that inhabit them have to survive on particles carried in the wind due to the lack of vegetation. “El Chinyero” volcano is standing 1,560 m (5,118 ft) above sea level.

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Arena Beach

This beach is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike. The peaceful surroundings and calm waves make it ideal for the whole family. Moreover, it has been flying a Blue Flag for 27 years, which guarantees the exceptional quality of its services and water conditions. The beach is located in Puerto de Santiago (in Santiago del Teide) and boasts a number of tourist establishments and restaurants.

Resultado de imagen de playa de la arena tenerife

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