We lend you an umbrella and a beach mat

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We lend you an umbrella and a beach mat

Beach, La Casona del patio

This summer, enjoy the best of the beach, and to make you more comfortable, we offer you the possibility of lending you an umbrella and beach mats.

The rays of the sun in summer are stronger and so we have to go prepared to the beach to not suffer burns.

Tips for going to the beach in Tenerife

Sunburn: The strongest hours of the sun are between 11 am and 4 pm, so you have to put on protection several times a day. It is convenient to put on the cream before leaving for the beach, so that the first exposure of time to protect the skin from minute one. We can also protect ourselves a little from the sun, taking us a beach umbrella.

Take care of your eyes: It is important to protect your eyes, and wear sunglasses during the day.

Hydrate: It is important to be well hydrated at all times, to drink water, juices, soft drinks, … so as not to feel the fatigue and anguish of the heat, and to avoid possible fainting.

La Arena: Nobody likes to take a kilo of sand for home, or to go to dry and that the towel has more sand than the beach, so if you do not like stone beaches, we can avoid sand a little on the towel , Putting under it a beach mat.

Valuables: Unfortunately, when the summer arrives, thefts also increase on the beaches, the hotel has safes so we can keep our most valuable personal items and go to the beach with just enough to avoid surprises.