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Wood fired oven especialised restaurant offering traditional Canarian cuisine. Welcome to “la Casa Vieja”!


History of “La Casa Vieja” goes back to XVII century, and nowadays is considered Historic Heritage. “La Casa Vieja” is situated in natural environment in Santiago del Teide. It is near to the San Fernando Parish Church. Situated in 2.900 m² plot which includes a wine cellar, stables and the hotel. We can also find the rests of an ancient windmill, as well as an old water tank built with limestone, quicklime and covered by a puteal.

“La Casa Vieja” is surrounded by volcanic ash of Chinyero volcano, the last volcano which erupted in Tenerife in 1909. We will find paths running through pine trees and volcanic charcoal floor. This volcano is situated in “El Chinyero” Especial Nature Reserve where you can enjoy nice panoramic views from Teide mountain and Pico Viejo.